After over fifteen years of work experience in creative departments, HMANN is a highly competent creative professional. 
He successfully develops, leads, and implements complex visual merchandising projects to create unique branding in the retail and wholesale industry. Additional background knowledge in sourcing and marketing activities enhances his skill set to support strategic business-to-consumer communication at every point of sale. With a Bachelor of Arts degree that has brought him international work experiences in Europe, South America, and the USA, he is a mobile and highly creative leader with a dynamic background.
HMANN plays a strategic and operational key role in large-scale projects such as introducing design guidelines, new store openings, and smaller projects like seasonal showroom displays and shop-window installations. Concentrating on clear and uniform communication at all engagement points focuses on maintaining consistency throughout every customer journey. 
Through his many years of experience in the fashion and service industries, he has supervised and led projects strategically from planning to implementation. He joins the International School of Management team to educate and train students to become visual experts during his successful career. Moving to the United States in 2021 manifests his international relevance and strengthens his relationships with American clients. 
Intending to marry his experiences and the vision to become a leader in commercial interior design, he graduates in 2024 with an MFA in Interior Design at the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design the Georgia State University. He consults, supports, and inspires design aesthetics worldwide during this academic program.
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